High Level Coaching

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  • November 10, 2014
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One of my favorite college basketball coaches was the late Jimmy Valvano. His personality was infectious and his motivation set him apart. Let’s not forget he was North Carolina state loudest cheerleader.

As I was reading about Jimmy V, I came across something very interesting. I was reading about how this coach would get his players in shape with all these tough workouts and so on. But what really got my attention was something Jimmy V had his players do every week. The coach would have them cut off the net and celebrate winning the championship. Now understand, this Is practice were talking about. The coach would give them the scissors to cut the net down and yell. We did it we won the championship.

Jimmy Valvano was not just a great college basketball coach, he was an amazing life coach. By having his players celebrating the big win he was using a tool called “visualization” where the client not just sees the goal, but acts it out. I love this tool! What do you want in life? What do you want to be? What do you aspire to be? C’mon lets dream! What are the possibilities? Do what jimmy V did with his players, act out your vision, write your story. Do you want to be a lawyer? Celebrate once a week, you just passed the bar exam. You want to open your own business celebrate, you just hung the open sign. Whatever it is, see it, celebrate it. By doing this you are creating success within yourself. You’re writing your story. You’re creating your destiny. Use it! A powerful tool used by a powerful coach.

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