Today, men face challenges they’ve never faced before. The reason for that is multi-faceted: we have a culture that has redefined what a family is, we have boys who are growing up with no male influence in their lives and we live in an environment that has marginalized men’s impact on their sons, saying it doesn’t matter. As we look around today at our country and it’s direction, I ask, “Do you think it might be time for a change?”

Maybe you’re a father who could use some “coaching” in training up your son.  Perhaps your son doesn’t return your phone calls, or, when he does, you’re both not quite sure what to talk about. Maybe it’s that your son doesn’t seem to have time for you. I can help you in these areas!

I’ve seen Father-Son relationships go from non-existent to flourishing using my proven techniques. But you’ve got to take action! And it doesn’t come easy….but with hard work and the desire to WANT to know your son. This is hard work that pays off big!!

Having raised two of my own sons to grown men and coaching and mentoring boys for many years as a Certified Men’s Life Coach, I have great tools to get your son on a path leading to greatness. Training up good sons is one of the most important things we can do as men for them and for society. Let me form a coaching alliance with you to ensure success!