One of the most disturbing things I see when I look at young men today is that they don’t have a clue as to what a real man looks like. Most youngsters today have never had a good male model so they’re left to their own devices to figure it out. We have empty-headed celebrities and sports figures who never became men themselves all sending the wrong messages. So what we’re left with is confused young men who were never told what a man is.

Before a boy can enter manhood he must possess The “Must Haves” of Manhood. The transition from  boyhood into manhood just isn’t happening. Our culture then becomes overloaded with little boys who never became men. If you are concerned about this very thing and have a young man who doesn’t get it, or an organization that deals with young men who are not on the path to manhood – I can be of service.

I have developed a wonderful curriculum for young men who are stunted and stuck in boyhood-who need to be challenged and made aware in the “things” of manhood. The “Must Haves” of Manhood is just what he needs. I will come along side this young man and coach him and transform him into a strong responsible man.

He will hear maybe for the first time what a real man is as he is coached, mentored and encouraged in this successful arena!!