GREATNESS!!!   That’s what men were destined for!

GREATNESS!!!   That’s what, you were destined for!

You were created to Reign!  You were created to be Great!  But as we look around our world today, we can clearly see that men are not being great.  It seems that men today are struggling more than they ever have.  It almost seems that men are being marginalized and pushed out of the very leadership roles that they were created to occupy.

This is the missing element in a man’s life.  The Greatness!  This is what a man desires more than anything.  All men want Greatness.  We want Greatness in our relationships, we want Greatness in our marriage.  We want to be Great fathers.  We want Great careers.  We want to live grate lives and leave great legacies.  But are men doing this?  Are you doing this?

Someone once said that most men live in quiet desperation and in the end go to their graves with a song in their heart.  This is tragic and it’s why I do what I do.  I love coaching men and pulling out that Greatness.  I hate to see men living mediocre lives.  Mediocrity is your enemy!  Greatness is your standard.  Your new standard.

I want to speak to you one on one.  You have visited my website.  You have read the content.  Maybe you have taken the Man Challenge and have asked yourself the hard questions.  Where do you stand in all this?  Do you want to be Great?  Do you want to be all you were created to be?  Are you tired of being stuck in some area?  Are you tired of Mediocrity?  Maybe you never had a man modeled for you and you don’t know how to be a man because you never saw one!  Maybe you are struggling with being a father, you’re a success at work but a failure at home, or your world just collapsed and you need to start all over again.  Or how about that new business you always wanted to start.  Maybe you’re at retirement age and you’re asking the question “what now?”   Whatever season of life, whatever round you’re fighting, I would love to help you and work together with you.  Here’s how it works.  Just give me a call and I will schedule you for a free discovery session with me.  A discovery call is one in which we get to know each other and we discuss the area in your life that you would like to be coached on.  If it’s a good fit, I can take you on as a client and you will have access to personal one on one coaching sessions.  Coaching sessions are sixty minutes or ninety minutes long once or twice a month.  I have various times and fee structures that will accommodate any income or time constraints.  Understand it does matter where you reside because our sessions will be via telephone with additional contact through email or text.


The bell is about to ring, you are starting a new round.  It’s a new day with new opportunities.  How about a new way of thinking?   A new path….a new approach.  I’ve got the experience and tools to pull Greatness out of you.   So that you can live the life you always wanted.  Here’s my guarantee…if you do the work under my coaching, you will move forward in achieving Greatness in every area of your life.  I’m excited for your future and I’ll see you in the corner.