There are two major transitionary times in a man’s life. The first is in the period of his eighteenth year to his early twenties, transitioning from boyhood to manhood and the second is when a man is entering the second part of his life – usually the forties or fifties. It’s this second season of life I would like to expand upon. Most men start life believing that things will pretty much stay the same and his place in life won’t change too much. But something happens when a man enters his forties and fifties. He enters a “new season” and like all seasons there is much “upset” that comes with it.

Maybe that’s where you are. The career you’ve had for so many years has lost its joy; you’re not satisfied anymore. The things you once enjoyed aren’t fun and it feels like someone stole your life while you’re living someone else’s. The fact is …you’re lost. Guess what? It’s normal! Your life doesn’t fit anymore… but I can help you!

Some people call it a “mid-life crisis” – I call it your SECOND WIND. Just like a fighter halfway thru the fight finds something down deep he didn’t know he had to energize him and give him a victory- it’s the same for you. I specialize in coaching you through your dark time to give you new vision, new energy and a new approach as I work with you to uncover a NEW YOU redefining your purpose. These exact series of events happened to me and I put the work into getting my life back piece by piece. I have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to get your life back and coach you to a new destiny!!