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  • January 8, 2015


As a movie buff, I am your typical guy when it comes to that genre.  I like guy movies….men movies…great lines to memorize…drama, blood and fights… oh, and a good story line with a girl in there somewhere.  So as a married man for over 30 years, watching a movie with my wife can be a little tricky!  However, there are some films that we can enjoy together in our sweats eating popcorn.  One such movie is “As Good As It Gets.”

This is a great movie that stars Jack Nicolson, Greg Kinnear and Helen Hunt.  It basically centers around a successful writer who suffers with OCD and though he enjoys a high level of play in his profession he is found wanting in his personal life.  He is a loner.  A man who is more concerned with not stepping on the lines in the street than the feelings of other people.  But there’s also a very interesting sub plot that I would like to zero in on.

Greg Kinnear plays his “gay neighbor.”  He is an artist and a bull’s eye for all his insults that come from Jack’s characters mouth.  Things seem to be going well for Greg’s character until a crisis hits.  He is beaten to a pulp in his apartment; he’s robbed and put in the hospital.  He then begins to fall into a downward spiral that has his broke, afraid, depressed and leading with panic attacks.  His desire for art and life itself is gone.  There is nothing left but an empty hole in the middle of his soul.  He has lost his mojo!  Sound familiar?  If it does, you might be encouraged to know you’re not alone.

So many of us men are experiencing life from a place of existence, a place of purpose.  We have a pulse…That’s it!  We wonder through life as Greg’s character and we lead with fear and doubt.  Passion and fulfillment are figments of our imagination that are so far out of reach they may as well be on Mars!  The fire in our belly is out … it’s too late… I will have to be a robot for the next 20-30 years wondering aimlessly, celebrating the mundane and thinking of the glory days!

But something wonderful happens in this movie and it is exactly what life coaching has to offer!  It is the cous de gras of life coaching and it offers hope to every one of us men who have taken it on the chin ready to throw in the towel.  Greg’s character has a cast on his right hand, the hand he draws with.  He’s sharing a hotel room with the women character, Helen Hunt, and as she starts to take her bath with his eyes locked on her.  He sees the curves of her body and Bam!   He sees something he never seen before.  A revelation…an AHA moment… The light bulb went on…The moment of truth that would change him and his life forever.  Don’t miss the importance of this moment.  It comes quick but lasts a lifetime and it’s what great coaches aspire to bring out of their clients.

It’s the golden moment when you see something from a different perspective.  It’s the moment of self-awareness.  It’s that moment you take the log out of your eye and see clearly.  It’s a defining moment that inspires you and where fears melts away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.  He sees the curves of her waist.  But not like this or at this time in his life.  It was different.  He breaks open his cast which is a metaphor for his soul being free and keeps shouting, “I have to draw you!”  He frantically starts drawing his eyes are bright his passion is unbridled his soul is singing.  His mojo is back!  No more fear… no more terror.  Just the freedom to see all the possibilities.  The universe is now his playground and there are no limits on his life.  Truth has a way of making you free.

This is my delight as a life coach.  To allow you to see life and all its possibilities like you’ve never seen them before.  To break out of the cast you have formed for yourself with all its hindrances and limits and the barriers it presents, and you have to be free to be great.  Great in every area of your life!   A man can never be great as long as he’s locked in a cast.  That’s the heart of life coaching.  For you to realize that the greatest fight you will ever encounter is the fight with the man looking back at you.  That’s the only man that can keep you down.

Greg Kinnear’s character had a major break thru an awakening that changed his life.  He seen life through a new lens and caused a change in the way he lived!  That’s what I want for you.  To see life from another angle that will change you from the inside out.  That will bring you the life you want, rekindle the fire, empower and enlighten.  To be the man you knew you were meant to be!

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