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  • January 8, 2015

I made a place on my website I can showcase different types of men with qualities and characteristics that are admirable and worth noting. Men that we would want to be like, even though they are flawed and imperfect.

I believe one of the reasons that men today are not what they should be is because of the lack of a model. You see, very few males have ever really seen a man, so they don’t know what a man looks like or how he acts or what his mission is. So most men just stay the same male without ever reaching man status.

Today, I would like to focus on a legend that raised me and provided for me. The first legend I ever knew…my dad! My father was a big Italian man, heavy handed, tough as they come tank of a dude that never side stepped, backed up walked away from anyone. He never gave up or gave in to anyone. He was a bulldozer of a man that would walk right through the best man in the house. He would forever have to prove that he was the baddest outlaw; a gunslinger that walked in the shadows of old western legends like doc holiday, wild bill and the like.

My dad’s occupation was a city worker for Chicago, a garbage collector. A job that he would hate until his last day. My dad like so many men had a dream. He was a fighter a middleweight. That was his passion, his dream, a life that he desired more than anything. He was tailor-made by the creator to be a fighter. He had big chunky hands, square jaw, thick skin, heavy ivory, and a fighting spirit. His will was unwavering and no man could ever take him down or keep him down. Yes, heaven designed him to fight and to win. To be a champion! But unfortunately, his dream got away from him. It slipped away all too quickly, life got in the way. That’s how it happens, life is a dream killer. Life is the water that douses the fire of our dreams. Life points at all the reasons why you can’t! The wife, kids, mortgage papers, school, medical bills. Life is a buzz-kill that slaps you upside your head and tells you stop that nonsense, and leaves your purpose for living and your dreams D.O.A.(Dead On Arrival). And that’s exactly what happened to my poppa. And so with him like so many other men, he slipped into mediocrity. He fell into a life that absolutely hated.

Where would he use those big hands? How would his fighting spirit be stirred?  What about that iron-clap will? What would he do with all those gifts that were given to him to use. They would be traded in for work boots, a weekly paycheck,  a beer belly and a thirty year post behind a garbage truck.

I wish I was around way back then. I wish I could have coached my dad, I wish I could have put my arms around him and told him he was created for bigger things. I would have asked him what does he plan on doing with all that God given talent. What do you tell God when he asks you how did you use what I gave you? This scenario is a sad one, but it’s the story of many of the men that I coach and very present reality. One of things I do in my coaching sessions is when men lead with obstacles I tell them to consider the possibilities. What a beautiful world. Possibilities. You see a good master life coach is a possibility thinker. He’s a dreamer. The coach is the one that turns obstacles into stepping stones. He removes the lid off your dreams and rekindles that fire in your belly by motivation and inspiration. But he also reminds you of the perspiration. Dreams without action and strategic steps remain just that..dreams. Master coaches have clients take steps towards that dream and turn them into reality. That’s what I want for you. A life of purpose and fulfillment at your job, in your relationships. Doing and being everything you were created to be. To understand that mediocrity is your enemy and never trade your dreams in for something less. So since my father isn’t around any longer, let me ask you, what dreams do you have? Has life gotten in the way of your purpose? What are you going to do with the gifts and talents you have been given? What will you answer God when he asks you about his purpose for your life? These are the questions you must answer. Remember you have another enemy, its time. Time is never on your side. I am reminded of that every time I pass a mirror. Wasted Talent! A terrible tragedy under the sun…


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