I’ve heard it said that sometimes the only time a man will look up is when he’s on his back – meaning that one of the key times a man considers God is when he’s put in a very bad place. I believe that has some truth to it but I know there’s another time a man considers God – that’s when he’s on top of the mountain. When a man has accomplished great things, when he’s experienced almost everything, when he has enjoyed every pleasure and now is in this “place” with more years to live, he asks himself a very daunting question“What now?? What’s next? Why am I not happy? What’s missing?” 

All are very good questions. Both places – the high and the low – are places of desperation. It’s rare that a man will consider God in the routines of life where there is neither too much nor too little. Sometimes a man is pushed to the brink of asking these questions and it’s to this man that I make my appeal.

I am a Certified Men’s Life Coach that has been trained to coach men with that empty hole inside your soul. I can coach you in the “faith journey” that will answer these questions and fill this hole to an abundant life you never thought possible. I have dealt in these matters with men for over thirty years and would love to share with you my wisdom and understanding and give you life assessments and tools to begin a new life!! Don’t waste this opportunity that life has placed you in to discover the answers to these most important questions and so much more!!