We have all witnessed greatness on display.  Think of the sports legends,  Michael  Jordan, Tiger Woods or Michael  Phelps.  Or those great actors that make movies come alive.  We have seen their trajectory in life and how they attained their goals and dreams.  We have enjoyed watching the success that comes with their notoriety.  We admire their accomplishments and their abilities and marvel at their confidence.  We haven’t forgotten their trophies, championship belts, their rings and medals.  All of these things are in clear view for us to see.  But there is something  we don’t see.  There is a person in the background that is not visible.  He is silent and obscure but is the single reason these greats have reached the thin air heights they have.  And that person is their coach.  That’s right….their coach.

A coach is that person who trains you and has the ability to pull out the greatness that is in you.

One of the greatest moments in American sports is when a group of young gangly college kids were plucked out of their hometowns to go to Lake Placid to represent the U.S.A. in the hockey Olympics in 1980.

What was obvious was this team and their skill, determination and vision that won them the coveted gold medal and bragging rights for all Americans.  What was not so obvious was a man who stood in the shadows, almost invisible, who took these young players and pulled greatness out of each and every one and made them believe in their dreams…that man was the coach, Herb Brooks.

In many ways life coaching is the same way.  So many of us are living sub-standard lives void of passion or purpose.  We’ve given up on our dreams and our medals and a life we thought we could have.  We settle for mediocre and believe all the lies that we tell ourselves.  And worst of all, we believe that these things can never change.  We say, “I’m too old” or “there’s too many barriers.  As a result we grow older and bitter.  Asking the questions, why didn’t I ever reach my potential?  Why didn’t I have a satisfying family life?  Where did I go wrong?  What happened to my dreams?

What is a Cornerman Life Coach?

A cornerman is defined as a coach that assists a fighter through strategy and instruction but remains outside the combat area during the fight.  He also employs cut man duties and applies ice to the reduce swelling.  Have you lived long enough to realize that life in itself is a fight?  A long grueling fight.  And those that will endure to the end and be victorious in this fight need a corner man.  You might ask why?  Because a cornerman sees things you can’t.  He observes, strategizes, instructs, inspires and co-labors with the fighter to win the prize.

We all remember the movie “Rocky”.  We all celebrate that movie and what it represents.  But let’s ask the question…. Could Rocky have been so successful alone?  Did he have what it took to go beyond himself to overcome so many obstacles alone?  Or did his cornerman  “Mick” pull something out of him that he never knew he had!  We need a Cornerman Life Coach for that kind of success.  Someone who can pull greatness out of you!  To help you overcome obstacles.  To re-focus you to get back up.  To redefine yourself and accomplish your goals and live life with no regrets.  And remember…. Every man needs a “Mick”.