Peter Vitale is a seasoned guy with old school values, but is keenly aware of today’s man and the setbacks that befall him.  Peter believes that our culture has failed to produce when it comes to the personal  development  of  men and is one of the reasons we have a runaway culture, the deterioration of our homes and a country in decline!  Peter has been working with men in areas such as personal development, men in transition, divorce, alienated fathers and the like.  Peter Vitale is well acquainted with men’s stories as he has seen their failures, their sorrow and watched their tears as men would confide in him.  Peter has developed a sharp sense of discernment and wisdom over the years and has put that to good use as he has mentored, taught, counseled, coached and inspired many men.  Peter has a passion for life and a contagious spirit that will infect your soul and cause you to be more than you ever dreamed.  Peter has an “old neighborhood” sense of humor and a teddy bear demeanor mixed with enthusiasm, strength and vision that will always leave you  inspired and challenged.  His desire is to see men restored, renewed and reawakened full of purpose and fulfillment as they excel in their lives both personally and professionally.  Peter’s mission is to coach boy to men, men to great men and great men that leave a great legacy.

In the business arena, Peter was the founder and CEO of two corporations and an entrepreneur for over thirty years.  Peter Vitale understands the demands of business and the importance of family and the balance that needs to be implements between the two.  Peter also built two companies from the ground up so he understands the meaning of hard work and vision… He has been a coach and motivational speaker over the years and has been married for 31 years to his wife and has raised two strong sons.  Peter has the ability and wisdom to navigate you through the storms of life, to raise your level of play, to give hope when there is none, to inspire you to persevere and to understand and overcome the obstacles of life!  Peter does not speak from an ivory tower but has experience hardship, setbacks and loss in his own life and understands what it takes to get up, re- invent yourself and move on to a wonderful life.