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Peter Vitale is a seasoned guy with old school values, but is keenly aware of today’s man and the setbacks that befall him.  Peter believes that our culture has failed to produce when it comes to the personal  development  of  men and is one of the reasons we have a runaway culture, the deterioration of our homes and a country in decline!  Peter has been working with men in areas such as personal development, men in transition, divorce, alienated fathers and the like.  Peter Vitale is well acquainted with men’s stories as he has seen their failures, their sorrow and watched their tears as men would confide in him.  Peter has developed a sharp sense of discernment and wisdom over the years and has put that to good use as he has mentored, taught, counseled, coached and inspired many men.  Peter has a passion for life and a contagious spirit that will infect your soul and cause you to be more than you ever dreamed.  Peter has an “old neighborhood” sense of humor and a teddy bear demeanor mixed with enthusiasm, strength and vision that will always leave you  inspired and challenged.


A coach is that person who trains you and has the ability to pull out the greatness that is in you. Peter Vitale is one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world. A cornerman is defined as a coach that assists a fighter through strategy and instruction but remains outside the combat area during the fight.
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  As a movie buff, I am your typical guy when it comes to that genre.  I like guy movies….men movies…great lines to memorize…drama, blood and fights… oh, and a…



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I made a place on my website I can showcase different types of men with qualities and characteristics that are admirable and worth noting. Men that we would want to…

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Life Principles from Little Toys

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The law of attraction! I like that, it’s fun to say. It’s even more fun to practice. What is it? How important is it? Ever notice how some people just…

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High Level Coaching

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One of my favorite college basketball coaches was the late Jimmy Valvano. His personality was infectious and his motivation set him apart. Let’s not forget he was North Carolina state…


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